Revisiting the North

International Chair : Thorsten Gunnarsson,
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, SE
Canadian Chair : Roald Nasgaard,
Florida State University, Tallahassee, US

An important and traditional category in the making of art history, the North has served to challenge the classical tradition, frame artistic personae, move the discipline into transnational avenues or, as happened in Scandinavian countries and Canada, anchor the idea of national art in geography.From the romantic sublime of nineteenth-century ice deserts to the recent policies of development that have attempted to define Native cultures of the North, how have projections and experiences of the Arctic been shaped into cultural artefacts? How are these artefacts translating the North?

Mikael Ahlund, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, SE
The Nationalization of Nordic Nature. Art, Nature and National Identity in Eighteenth-century Sweden

Hans-Olof Boström, Karlstads Universitet, SE
The Swedish Landscape Painter Gustaf Fjaestad and Theosophy

Joan Coutu, University of Waterloo, CA
Reshaping the Land and its History

Yvonne Eriksson, Göteborgs Universitet, SE
Vera Nilsson and the Nordic Landscape

Michelle Facos, Indiana University, Bloomington, US
The Right of Public Access and the Image of National Identity in Sweden

Martha Langford, McCord Museum of Canadian History, Montréal, CA
Tournage: Turning (Returning) to Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale

Sten Åke Nilsson, Lunds Universitet, SE
Classical Architecture and the North

Martin Olin, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, SE
Astronomy, Observation and National Identity in Eighteenth-century Sweden

Randal Rogers, Concordia University, Montréal, CA
Multimedia Multiculturalism: Technological Sublime and the Impossible Centre: Expo 2000 and the Nation in Canada

Karin Sidén, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, SE
Aspects of Nordic Nature in Seventeenth-century Art

Janne G-K Sirén, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL
Flora in Focus: The Botanical Close-up as an Icon of Nordic Nationalism